Queen City Juice Cleanse

Queen City Juice Cleanse

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people juice to give their digestives systems a break, kick off clean eating habits, reduce inflammation, or to rehydrate their body! we offer a 1 day, 3 day or 5 day package.

here are some tips when it comes to juicing:

* Keep your food choices very clean if you decide to eat during the cleanse. Eat things like dark leafy greens, bone broth, nuts, or egg whites.

* Start each morning with a warm/hot cup of water and then start your juices when you feel hungry. It is okay to skip the water and get right to the juice!

* If you do not want to eat during your cleanse you can drink coffee, hot water with lemon, hot tea, or water with a little salt.

* If you want to do anything longer than a 1 or 2 day cleanse I suggest preparing your body by eating smaller portions, phase out fast food or junk food, and drink lots of water.

here is a list of the juices that we offer in our cleanse. we do not add anything to our juices - except the Berries & Cash, that one is not a juice. Each bottle contains over a pound of produce!

Interstellar Celery

Mx Bang

Heart Beet

Solid Gold

Fennel John Minty

Berries & Cash

*cleanses will be made Monday for Tuesday pickup. reach out to drink@queencitycoffeeandjuice.com if you would like a different pickup day.